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Speed stability and comfort

After 10+ years of research, design, and engineering, we produced our fastest carbon fiber wheels yet, the FLO All Sport (AS) Line made up of the FLO 49 AS, FLO 64 AS, FLO 77 AS, and FLO DISC. Available in both rim brake and disc brake.

Perfect for triathlon and road racing, FLO Wheels will save you more than 10 minutes during your next Ironman, Century, or road race.

FLO Wheels feature deep aero carbon rim profiles developed with a proprietary rim optimization algorithm to ensure the wheels are fast and stable in crosswind. FLO Wheels are designed with an ultra-wide internal rim, proven through on-road testing to lower rolling resistance and reduce vibration. Balancing rim depth and width around modern tires allowed us to save a cyclist 11 watts over traditional cycling wheels. That's an 11-watt advantage over your competitors.

A company rooted in the belief of well-engineered wheels sold at affordable prices, all FLO Wheels are built with quality components and sold consumer direct to save you money. A lower price to you doesn't mean a lower quality wheel. We'd put our wheels against any wheels on the market.

Four Wheels - Your Choice


The FLO 49 AS is a blazing-fast wheel with incredible stability for any wind condition. At 49mm depth, the shallowest wheel of the AS line, it's still faster than our first generation 95mm wheel. This wheel is perfect for athletes looking to gain speed, improve grip, and reduce vibration without any concerns for wind. If your number one competitor is yourself, the FLO 49 AS is the wheel for you.

Starting at $724


The FLO 64 AS has been our best-selling wheel since day one. The 64mm rim depth makes a versatile, ultra-fast, and super-stable setup for all cyclists. It's our most recommended front wheel for triathletes. Whether you're tackling RAAM, LotoJa, Centuries, crits, Strava Segments, or yourself, the FLO 64 AS is your go-to wheel.

Starting at $724


The FLO 77 AS is deep but stable. This 77mm depth wheel is faster than our previous generation FLO 90 and has improved crosswind stability. It’s the perfect rear wheel for triathletes. If you’re a confident bike handler, unshaken by the wind, or a time-trialist looking for every watt, the FLO 77 AS is for you.

Starting at $724

FLO DISC Carbon Clincher

The FLO DISC is a spoked wheel that provides a responsive ride and gives a liveliness not found in solid disc wheels. It’s the fastest wheel from A to B and in the right wind conditions, a FLO DISC will even push you forward. If you’re looking for that competitive race advantage, the FLO DISC is a must-have.

Starting at $1,149



After wearing out a set of Roval C40s I needed a replacement set and I am so, SO impressed with these wheels. They’re feel slippery in calm conditions and handle brilliantly in a crosswind. They’ve made me realize my last wheels had some issues that I didn’t realize where they’re. A really really solid set of wheels that I am super glad to have on my bike.

Kevin V


I love my set of Flo 64 wheels. Putting them on my bike made me so happy and they made my ride feel better. They made my tri bike feel better and faster and I have no regrets ordering them. Super happy!

Chris S


I came off2 different manufacturers of aluminum wheels and a carbon set from Knight. These roll smooth and fast compared to the other rims. I paired mine with pirelli p zero race tires and it’s just smooth! They look amazing, ride great, great quality and great customer service! Rebuilding my old Cervelo frame with these rim brakes and bike just looks killer. Looking at adding a Quintana Roo SR hopefully in the next few months and will be adding 77 AS Disc wheels to that if I do it!

Shane R


I always wanted a disc wheel, but always thought they were out of my price range. But along came FLO with their top notch well priced disc. I recommend FLO wheels to everyone for their performance and value.

Jason K

Wheel 1 on 1

Wheel selection can be tough. It's the most common question we receive at FLO. When road or tri wheels getting the right wheel depth for your riding style and bike handling skills is crucial. No matter your road or tri adventure the FLO 49 AS, FLO 64 AS, FLO 77 AS, and FLO DISC will have you covered.

If you'd like to get our expert advice on what wheels are best for you and your riding style, please book a Wheel 1 on 1. We're happy to talk about anything cycling wether that's wheel selection, tire selection, tire pressure, fit, racing strategy etc.

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