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REASON 1 - Old To New

Do you have old wheels or an old bike that you no longer use or want? Do you want new wheels? The FLO Trade-In allows you to go from old to new.

Please note, the first couple years after a product is purchased is when it holds most of its value. You can Trade-In to new FLO wheels to keep the value you deserve.

FLO Wheels on a Bike
FLO Wheels on a Bike

REASON 2 - New To New

Did your bike come with wheels but you want FLO wheels? Bike manufacturer's now ship carbon wheels with their bikes. Not all carbon wheels are the same. If you are unhappy with the wheels that came with your bike or you would prefer to get more than one set of wheels, the FLO Trade-In Program is perfect for you. Don't settle for wheels that you aren't happy with.