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Cycling Efficiency Master Class

Join our live Webinar Wednesday June 5th at 2:00pm PDT. Learn to optimize your mechanical losses so more of the watts you put into the pedals are moving you forward.

Output Power = Input Power - Mechanical Losses

You train day in and day out to increase your FTP so you can become a faster cyclist. Finding another 10 watts from training can take years and a time requirement most of us don't have. The watts you put into the pedals are known as your input watts but this is not the only way to become faster. When you optimize your mechanical losses you increase your output power which are the watts moving you forward.

If you are looking for ways to increase your output power and to become a faster athlete our Cycling Efficiency Master Class is just for you. We walk you through the lessons we've learned through 15 years of R&D, working with pro athletes, and setting world records. We cover Aerodynamics, Rolling Resistance, Tire Selection, Tire Pressure, Component Selection, and much more.

Every Wednesday we host a live webinar that is free to join. You get the latest information and access to ask our exports questions about getting faster. You will also get a special promo code for use on our website. Join us this coming Wednesday in our live webinar to learn how to become an efficient cyclist.

What You'll Learn

Input Power

Learn all about input power and how it can be used to move you forward or how it can be sucked up in mechanical losses. We discuss how input power relates to your overall speed with one simple equation.

Mechanical Losses

Simply put, mechanical losses steal watts from you and make you slower. We discuss the basis of mechanical losses and which to pinpoint to find the most savings so you are a faster cyclists for the same input power.


Aerodynamic drag is talked about all the time but rarely understood. We discuss aerodynamic facts and teach you the most efficient ways to improve your aerodynamics all while busting myths along the way.

Rolling Resistance

Rolling resistance ignore by many is just as important if not more important that aerodynamics. We make rolling resistance easy to understand and teach you about tires, tire pressure, and vibration to lower your watts lost to rolling resistance.

Component Selection

Did you know a chain has hundreds of thousands of oscillations per minute? That a lot of frictions when your chain isn't taken care of. We break down the components on the bike and which will give you the biggest bang for your buck so you end up faster for the same effort.

Wheel 1 on 1

Maybe you're already an experts in cycling efficiency or a webinar is not for you. Join us in a private Wheel 1 on 1 where we will work with you to get you optimized to be an efficient cyclist, help you with a wheel selection, or anything in between.

If you're looking for pro advice on getting faster book a Wheel 1 on 1 below and let's get you optimized.

What are you waiting for?

Join our live Webinar Wednesday June 5th at 2:00pm PDT. Learn to optimize your mechanical losses so more of the watts you put into the pedals are moving you forward.