FLO T-Shirt


Super comfortable and cut for an athletic fit. Look as good as your new wheels in the FLO t-shirt. View the FLO t-shirt.

FLO Free Hubs


Upgrade to 11 speed or swap to Campy or Shimano/SRAM. All of your FLO free hub needs are here. View the FLO free hub bodies.

FLO Stickers

from $12

Change your sticker color, or keep your current wheels looking fresh. View the FLO Stickers.

FLO Bearings

from $20

Replacement bearings for your FLO wheels. View the FLO bearings.

FLO Carbon Brake Pads

from $10

Replacement brake pads for your Carbon Clincher FLO wheels. View the FLO carbon brake pads.

Silca DISC Tool

from $40

Silca DISC Tool for 2016 FLO DISC Wheels. View the Silca DISC tool.

FLO Quick Release Skewers

from $15

Replacement skewers for your FLO wheels. View the FLO skewers.

FLO 10 Speed Spacer

from $8

Convert your 11 speed free hub to a 10 speed free hub with this spacer. View the FLO 10 speed spacer.

FLO Hub End Cap

from $10

Replacement end caps for your FLO hubs. View the FLO end caps.

FLO Hub Pawls and Springs

from $10

Replacement pawls and springs for your FLO hub. View the FLO pawls and springs.

FLO Hub Axles

from $15

Replacement axles for your FLO hubs. View the FLO hub axles.