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FLO 45 Carbon Clincher Rim

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The all new FLO 45 Carbon Clincher. Ultra lightweight, nearly invisible to cross winds, and faster than our first generation FLO 90 at only half the depth. Perfect for climbing, road racing, and recreational riding.

3D Modeling
We created a highly accurate model of the tire/rim interface, by molding a tire mounted to a FLO rim. This tire/rim model was combined with our 2012 rim profiles to create a baseline for our new design work. Learn more about our
3D Modeling Process
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Optimization Algorithm
Using a list of design parameters and the data collected from our 110,000 data points, we built a custom optimization algorithm. This algorithm ran on CD-adapco's Super Computer and intelligenty tested and refined 500 prototypes to find the fastest rims shapes possible. Using a standard desktop computer, these calculations would have taken 4.5 years to complete. Learn more about our
Optimization Algorithm
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Wind Tunnel Tested
The new FLO Wheels were tested at the A2 Wind Tunnel. Learn more about our
Wind Tunnel Testing Protocol

Time Savings with FLO Wheels

The below time savings were calculated using our Net Drag Reduction Value (NDRV) equation. The NDRV equation is designed to give cyclists an accurate estimate of expected time savings using FLO wheels. Learn more about our Net Drag Reduction Value equation.

Wheel 40k Ironman
2013 FLO 30 38s 2m 51s
2016 FLO 60 Aluminum + Carbon 55s 4m 9s
2016 FLO 90 Aluminum + Carbon 1m 0s 4m 29s
2016 FLO DISC Aluminum + Carbon 1m 14s 5m 31s
2016 FLO 45 Carbon Clincher 55s 4m 6s
2016 FLO 60 Carbon Clincher 63s 4m 41s
2016 FLO 90 Carbon Clincher 64s 4m 48s
2016 FLO DISC Carbon Clincher 1m 11s 5m 19s


FLO 45 Rim
Weight 519g +/- 5%
Rim 700c Carbon Clincher
Tubeless Compatible Yes
Rim Depth 45.5mm
Brake Track Width 24.0mm
Brake Track Angled
Max Fairing Width* 24.2mm
Internal Rim Width 17.0mm
Carbon Finish Matte UD Carbon Fiber**
Drilling Options 20, 24, 28, and 32 Hole
Recommended Tire Pressure See our Tire Pressure Guide (Max pressure 120 PSI)
Recommended Tire Size 23mm-28mm

* Wheel weights are subject to a +/- 5% variance.

** Our wider rims do not fit all frames. See our fit guide.

*** Small surface imperfections are normal with a matte carbon finish.