FLO Cycling – Wheel Pictures and Product Testing

Factory Updates
Things are moving along nicely at the factories. We received the first images of our 60mm and 90mm fairings this week and are very excited to share them with you. The carbon fiber in the pictures has just come out of the mold and is not yet polished. It will look much nicer when polished. We hope to receive our carbon fiber pieces in two weeks for testing. We also wanted to share with you some pictures of our molds and our factory. Hopefully you are as excited as we are!
FLO 60 Fairing and Rim
FLO 90 Fairing and Rim
FLO Cycling Mold
Polished FLO DISC Fairings
Product Testing
Last week we received our first prototype rims and hubs. We eagerly built our first prototype wheel set. In the pictures below you will see an aluminum rim, spokes, and hub. This will be the structure of all of our race wheels. The only difference between the wheel below and our race wheels will be the addition of the bonded carbon fiber fairings. Since the carbon fiber fairings will not be structural components of our wheels, the ride quality of the wheels below will be nearly identical to our finished products.  
We’ve been having the wheels tested non-stop. Testers to date are seasoned triathletes, Cat 1 cyclists, and a local cyclist who sprints at over 1700 watts! Our instructions to all testers have been to be very honest with your findings and try to break them (within reason, half pipes or mountain bike trails don’t count). Our reviews have been overwhelmingly positive and we have seen many ear to ear grins. Full reviews will follow at a later date. 
The wide 24.3mm brake tracks are a big hit. They are very stable, corner exceptionally well, and are very comfortable without giving up performance. The wide brake track should also improve our wind tunnel results next month. When sprinting on the wheels they resisted flexing and seem to transfer power very effectively. Our wheels will not be as light as tubular wheelsets on the market but will be right in line with the other aluminum clincher wheelset offerings.
Take a look at the pictures and as always, ask questions and give us your opinions.
 Sorry for being in the small chain ring and for the ridiculous headset spacers. I’ve been busy.
FLO Cycling Prototype Wheels

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