FLO Cycling – Prototype Pics and Video

Hello all,
We are very excited to share this post with you. We have pics of our prototype wheels and a video of them in action. Remember, these are prototypes, so there are minor cosmetic issues. The cosmetic issues have already been corrected in the factory. The final brake track will be aluminum color. The black eventually wears off so we feel it’s best to  leave them aluminum.    
In the video you will see a front “FLO 60” and a rear “FLO 90.” Yes, these will be the official names.  The disc is in the works and its official name will be the “FLO DISC.”  
We are very excited about the ride quality of the wheels and we will be putting them through thorough testing over the next few weeks.  
As for the factory, things are moving along well. We are fine-tuning all the components so we can deliver a great product.
Please send your comments, questions, and suggestions our way.



FLO 60/FLO 90 Combo
Rear FLO 90


Front FLO 60


Laser Etched Skewer


Front FLO Vortex Hub


Rear FLO Vortex Hub
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