FLO Cycling – Import Guide – Importing FLO Wheels When Buying Internationally

FLO is a US based consumer direct brand. This sales model offers many benefits such as lower product cost and direct communication with our customers. (Additional information is outlined in our Consumer Direct Sales Article).  We understand there are some limitations as well. One of the most common questions we get from international customers is, “how do I import your products?” To help lessen the confusion and simplify the process, we created this Import Guide and an Import Duty and Tax Calculator. 

Importing Basics
A product is imported when a product is shipped to your country from another country. The imported product is inspected by a customs officer who verifies the product matches the description listed on the import documents.  The Customs Officer then assigns the taxes, duty, and any additional fees that may be required.  In case you are wondering, FLO ships your product with the proper documentation.

Import Duty Rates, Tax Rates, Additional Fees and Minimus Rules
The country sets the tax and duty rates for products being imported.  Our Import Duty and Tax Calculator considers the duty and tax rates for each country.  Some countries charge additional fees, which are also included in the calculator.   

There may also be a minimus rule in your country.  Some imports below a certain value are not charged duty and/or tax.  The minimus rules are considered in our calculator.    

How Import Duty and Tax is Calculated
Import taxes and duties are calculated in one of three ways.  Our calculator incorporates the proper method for all countries.

1.  Based on the price of the product, also know as “Freight on Board” (FOB)
2.  Based the price of the product, plus the price of shipping, plus the price of insurance, also known as (CIF).
3.  Based on unit of measure.  This can be weight, volume, quantity, etc. 

Normally, duty is calculated first, and then tax is calculated by adding the duty to the proper method listed above.  

Unfortunately, we are not able to lower the invoice value for imports.  This is illegal in the USA. 

The Examining Officer vs. Our Import Duty and Tax Calculator
In most countries, the examining officer determines the import duty and tax charged up. This means that the required payment can vary from what our calculator estimates.  

Please make sure that you understand that our calculator provides an estimate in your own currency.  Currency rates can change daily so the numbers may not be exact, but we can assure it will be close.  The goal is to give you a good idea of what to expect for your import costs.

Shipping To International Countries
Wheels sent to an international location typically take 2-3 weeks to arrive.  Ultimately, the delivery time depends on how quickly your product gets through customs.  Most of the time, there is no reason for the wheels to be delayed. In rare cases, wheels may be held for an additional inspection causing a delay in delivery.

We use United States Postal Service (USPS) for international shipments.  USPS rates are much lower than other shipping companies.  For comparison, a set of wheels shipped internationally with USPS costs about $80 USD vs. $400 USD for a set of wheels shipped internationally with a courier like UPS or FedEx.   

Canada Post Office

The USPS does not have international locations, so your local postal carrier will complete the delivery once the wheels enter your country.  For example, Canada Post takes over in Canada.  Your tracking number, provided once your product has shipped, stays the same throughout the shipment entirety. You can call your local postal carrier and use the USPS tracking number to locate your wheels.   

Paying Your Import Duty and Tax
You will be required to pay the import tax and duty prior to your wheels being delivered. How payment is processed is determined by your country, not FLO. Many countries accept payments online, by phone or in person. 

Typically, your local postal carrier will contact you when your wheels are ready to be released and fees payed.  However, they may not always contact you. If you are watching your wheels via the tracking number and see them stop at customs, it’s best to call your local customs office or local postal carrier and give them you tracking number.  They will be able to look up your shipment and can help you with the transaction.  

You will not be responsible for paying any sales tax in the USA.  Only residents of the state of Nevada pay US sales tax.  

Warranty issues are handled by FLO directly.  If you have an issue with your wheels, please contact us.

Final Thoughts
If you have any questions about importing FLO Wheels to your country please contact us to ask.  We are more than happy to help you understand the process.    

Ride safe,


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