FLO Cycling – A History of Bike for a Kid

Bike for a Kid is an in house charitable program that donates bikes to underprivileged children.  The program began when we created FLO in February 2012 and was originally funded through the sale of ceramic bearing wheels.  That changed when we discontinued our ceramic bearing wheel line in 2016 and today we use 1% of all FLO sales to fund Bike for a Kid.

Jon and I have been giving back in some capacity for most of our lives and adding a charitable arm to FLO was only natural.  Riding bicycles helps children build self-confidence and improve health.  Making bicycles available to as many children as possible was a great mission the perfect compliment to our business.  

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Giving a safety presentation at a donation event in Kona Hawaii.

Finding those truly in need has always been a top priority, and all donations have been delivered to organizations that specialize in working with underprivileged children.  After-School All Stars, The Boys and Girls Club and Path Hawaii are a few examples of such organizations.

Building bikes at a donation event

Jon and I built every bike by hand in the beginning.  The first 50 bikes took us eight hours to build and we eventually reduced that to four hours.  We stored the bikes in our two bedroom condo and transported them to donation events using U-Haul trucks.  Friends volunteered their time to help when the program started to grow, but we eventually needed help.

Building bikes by hand
Bikes stored in our two bedroom condo

That help came when we partnered with More than Sport after meeting owner Chris Lieto at a Kona party in 2014. More than Sport has helped find charitable partners, organize build/donation events, and improve program exposure through partnerships with professional athletes. They’ve been and continue to be a major asset to the program.

Registration at a More Than Sport Bike for a Kid event
Building a bike with professional triathlete Linsay Corbin

Our most recent event was hosted at the Competitor Group main office.  Staff from Triathlete, Women’s Running, Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon and more helped build the bikes and shared the story with their audience.  This corporate partnership was a first for Bike for a Kid and we hope to continue working with more businesses in the future. We also plan to host our first international donation in Japan next year.

Volunteer building a bike

We will be donating 112 bikes at our next donation event in Kona Hawaii during the 2017 Ironman World Championship.  This will mark our 16th event and bring the total number of bike donations to 1,462.  Bikes will be built at the More than Sport booth on Ali’i drive during race week, and we’d love to have you help us build a bike.  It only takes 10 minutes and you’ll get to meet some pretty cool people.  

We hope to see you in Kona!


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