How One Podcast Can Save You More Than 14 Minutes During An Ironman

Our podcast interview with the guys at Trainerroad is by far our most popular. We sat down with Nate, Jonathan, and Chad last year to talk about cycling wheels and came away with what Jonathan called, "the deepest dive they've ever taken" on a podcast topic.

This podcast is full of science-backed cycling advice covering the following topics and much more:

  • Why you can't ignore rolling resistance or aerodynamics when choosing tires.
  • Why wider wheels and tires have lower rolling resistance.
  • How we used data, computational fluid dynamics, and algorithms to design our fastest wheels yet.
  • How your inner tubes can make you faster?
  • How lower tire pressure can make you faster.
  • How yaw torque and paying attention to it can improve your handling.
  • How a deeper rear wheel improves your stability in wind.
  • Why aerodynamics are more important than weight.
  • How more spokes can make you faster.
  • Why consumer-direct wheels are more affordable.

Listen to the podcast now.

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