The Ultimate Warm-Up And Mobility Routine For Cyclists

During our podcast interview with Revo PT, they recommended a warm-up and mobility program for all cyclists. We suggest watching their video for a full explanation of the exercises. Once you understand the program, be sure to use this article as a quick reference guide. Each exercise is listed below with a picture and suggested tips.

Pre-Ride Warm Up

The pre-ride warm-up is designed to prepare you for movement. These exercises help cycle synovial fluid through your joints and wake up key muscle groups. Complete 10 reps of each exercise on both sides of your body.

Knee Hugs
  • Bring knee slightly to the outside.
  • Stand Tall. Do not lean back or flex forward.
Knee Cradle
  • Slightly rotate your leg.
  • Do not grab your ankle.
  • Stand Tall. Do not lean back or flex forward.
Dynamic Quad Stretch
  • Grab your foot with your opposite hand.
  • Reach to the sky with your free hand.
  • Keep your back straight. Do not let it arch.
Straight Leg Kicks
  • Kick gently. This exercise does not have to be intense.
  • Keep your back flat.
  • Hinge at the hip.
  • No bend at the knee.

Lower Body Activation

Most cyclists do not use their glutes enough. To improve that, Revo PT recommends glute activation exercises before you ride.

Fire Hydrant With Band
  • Slight bend at the waist.
  • Knee moves out to the side and back.
  • Keep planted knee from collapsing in.
  • Leg moves to the side and back.
Squat With Band At Knees
  • Move the hips first.
  • Keep a vertical shin.
  • Do not let knees collapse inward.
Monster Walk
  • Feet pointed forward.
  • Take slow steps.

Upper Body Activation

To make sure your rotator cuffs are turned on and ready to support your upper body, follow these exercises.

External Rotation Pulses
  • Elbows remain at your sides.
  • Make small pulse movements.
  • Stay tall and vertically aligned.
  • Keep shoulder blades back and down.
External Rotation Torque To Press
  • Keep elbows from flaring out.


To help restore and maintain a full range of motion, hold the following mobility exercises for 2-5 minutes per side. These exercises can be done both before and after riding.

Hip Flexor Mobility
  • Activate your gluten.
  • Rotate your pelvis underneath you.
  • Move hips forward to feel stretch at the front of your leg.
Thoracic Spine Mobility
  • Twist up towards the sky
  • 25 reps per side.
Long Lunge Hip Opener
  • Keep hands inside of your leg.
  • Drop your trunk low to the ground.
  • Do not let your front knee collapse inward.
Elevated Pigeon
  • Bring your chest forward.
  • Do not push into a range that causes pinching or pain.
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