Why Buying Cycling Wheels Online From a US Company Is Easier Than You Think

Buying new cycling wheels is awesome! Wondering what it costs to ship new wheels to your country and learning about import tax and duty regulations, not awesome.

We wanted to keep the process of buying cycling wheels as awesome as possible, so we wrote this guide and created our own Import Tax and Duty Calculator. Instead of mindlessly clicking through your national mail carrier's website, leave the heavy lifting to us, and spend the weekend riding your bike. If you live outside of the United States and you are going to buy FLO wheels, this article is for you.

Who Does All Of The Confusing Paperwork

We do. The staff at our Michigan-based fulfillment center are international shipping experts. When your wheels ship, all appropriate paperwork is attached to the outside of your box. So don't worry, there is no need to print additional forms or bring extra cash to bribe your local postal worker.

How Long Does It Take To Get My Wheels?

By default, our international orders ship via the USPS Priority International service. The USPS website states delivery with this service takes 6-10 business days, but our experience tells us 2-3 weeks is more realistic. The time it takes your shipment to clear customs is highly variable and the reason behind the 2-3 week timeline.

If you want to receive your package faster, we recommend the USPS Priority Mail Express International service. This service should take 3-5 business days but again, is ultimately dependent upon the time it takes to clear customs. For this reason, we can't guarantee delivery dates to international customers.

You can use private carriers like FedEx or UPS, but we do not recommend it. The cost to ship wheels internationally using these services is often $400-$600 USD.

Why Do We Not Have Distribution Centers In Other Countries?

FLO is a US-based company. If we ship a product to a foreign country, the receiver—in this case, you—is responsible for paying the import tax and duty upon entry.

It's a common belief that if FLO had a distribution center in your country, that you would not pay the additional import costs. Unfortunately, that is not true. If FLO—a US-based company—sends a product to a foreign distribution center, we are still technically importing the product and must pay the import fees.

Regardless of where the product ships from, you—the customer—still have to pay for importing it.

We only ship from the US because it allows us to keep the cost of our wheels as low as possible. While introducing distribution centers all over the world may reduce shipping times, the cost of managing those facilities would ultimately raise prices.

How Much Does It Cost?

That varies depending on your country. Every country has different import fees. As I said above, searching through pages of mind-numbing tax documentation is often confusing, so we did all of that for you.

Our Import Tax and Duty Calculator will calculate the cost of importing cycling wheels to over one hundred countries, and it's ridiculously easy to use.

To calculate your import fees, select your country, the wheels you want to buy, and hit the "calculate fees" button. Then, through the powers of internet magic and Jon's incredibly nerdy yet impressive spreadsheet Kung-Fu, you will be presented with a total.

What If I Have A Warranty Claim

If you have an international warranty claim, we'll take care of you. We can often diagnose problems through pictures and videos which significantly reduces the cost and time required to ship products around the world multiple times. If we need to replace your product, we will, at no cost to you. On top of that, we'll mark your product as a warranty replacement, so you do not have to pay import tax for the second time.

Can You Mark Down The Cost Of My Original Order, So I Do Not Have To Pay Import Tax?

That's illegal, and we are honest Canadian's, so sorry, we can't do that.

Can Anything Else Go Wrong?

Aside from your local customs department being on a two-week vacation in Bora Bora, there's one more thing to be cautious of when importing your cycling wheels.

From talking with hundreds of customers over the years, we've noticed that import fees seem to be somewhat subjective.

Even customs agents seem to have a hard time understanding tax regulations. Imported products fall into different tax categories. Sporting goods, for example, may be taxed at a higher rate than food.

Customs agents often tax cycling wheels in the wrong category, so know how much you should be paying. If the value is incorrect, make sure to ask for clarification.

Is It Really That Easy?

Yes. Let's review what you should do before importing your wheels.

Step One

Use our Import Tax and Duty Calculator to get an estimate of what it will cost to import your wheels.

Step Two

Sit back, relax, and let us do the rest.

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