Rim Tape Safety Recall Notification Page

NOTE: We are currently conducting an official recall and minor updates to this page (no drastic changes to the information below is expected to occur) may periodically take place to be in accordance with the appropriate regulatory body. Your safety is our number one concern and we wanted to announce the recall immediately.

First and foremost, the wheels that you have purchased are NOT part of this recall. The wheels are displaying no known safety issues. The "rim tape" (pictures below) that were included with a limited number of orders (orders listed below) have been showing signs of weakness and in some cases failure. While we feel this is limited to a small number of the rim tape that was delivered to customers, we are not taking any chances when it comes to safety and therefore conducting a voluntary recall on all of the potentially defective rim tape delivered to customers.

If your order number is listed below, please stop using the rim tape provided with your wheels immediately. We will be sending replacement rim tape free of charge to all customers affected by this recall. Please read the full details of the recall below. If you have ANY questions at all regarding this matter please to not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Affected Order/Invoice Numbers

- Order # 129 thru 859
- Order # 1049 and 1050
- Invoice 1 thru Invoice 25

1. What is the defect that causes the product hazard?

Rim Strips provided with FLO 60, FLO 90, and FLO DISC wheels are failing/breaking under pressure. When a rim strip fails the inner tube of the bicycle can puncture or burst. This is a potential safety hazard and we are therefore conducting a voluntary recall on all of potentially defective products. Please see a picture of the rim tape and defect below.

Rim Tape

Failed Rim Tape

2. What caused the product defect to occur in the first place?

A bad production run of rim tape occurred by the rim tape manufacturer.

3. Where are the unsafe products? How many are there?

There have been 712 potentially unsafe products delivered to customers. Any remaining potentially unsafe products are in FLO Cycling’s possession and will be destroyed and disposed of.

4. Has the company discontinued production and shipments of these products to distributors?

Yes. We (FLO Cycling) have stopped shipping the defective rim tape and have since sourced a new supplier.

5. Has the company notified retailers to stop selling the product and asked them to help identify consumers who own the product?

We do not use retailers. We only sell directly to consumers so this will not be necessary.

6. Has the company started reviewing existing databases to identify potential product owners, e.g., product registration and customer service records?

Yes we have an accurate list of all customers who have been sent unsafe rim tape.

7. Has the firm’s website been modified to announce the recall and accept email requests to participate?


8. What is the company's estimate of the cost of the product recall campaign?

$5,000USD - $10,000USD

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but are adamant that your safety is our number one priority. Please do not hesitate to contact us with ANY questions regarding this recall.

Chris and Jon Thornham